Recent press: Magnet, American Songwriter and more

Thanks to USA Today, Spinner, Magnet, American Songwriter and Pegasus News for their kind words about me and my recently released, debut full-length album, ‘Suburban Nature’:

“I’ve been digging the debut from a young singer/songwriter out of Texas named Sarah Jaffe. Go to MySpace right now and hear ‘Before You Go.'” – USA Today

“Her songs, deeply personal and inspiring, are folk confessionals.” –

“One listen to 24-year-old Texas native Sarah Jaffe’s music and you’ll feel like you’ve known her for years. Her debut full-length, Suburban Nature, will take you on a walk through her life. It features songs written from when she was a teenager until now, lyrics so intimate you’ll feel like you’ve read her diary and a focus on her lovely, smokey voice…” – Magnet Magazine

“…Suburban Nature, her full-length debut, announces the Denton, Texas-based musician’s arrival as a force on the folk-pop scene in a big way, offering up 13 gems that could make even a hardened critic start throwing around terms like ‘the next big thing.'” – American Songwriter

“The overwhelming consensus from just about all who have heard it is that Suburban Nature is remarkable.” – Pegasus News